Types of Cotton

Published: 08th June 2007
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Different types and kinds of Cotton are commercially grown in various parts of the world. The basic characteristics of types of cotton may vary. These variations in different cotton fibers occur because of the growing conditions including soil, climate, fertilizers etc.

Kinds of cotton are grown on a large scale for use in home furnishings, textiles, apparels and industrial applications.


The quality of various cotton fibers is determined and depends on:

• Color or the degree of whiteness

• Length or the staple

• Fineness of fiber

Major Kinds of Cotton

Different types of cotton is often identified by the name of the region or the country where it is produced. Some of the most popular types are:

American Pima: This popular type of cotton is grown in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Southern California. . The fiber if fine, strong, silky, lustrous and creamy white in color. The cotton type is widely used for different kinds of apparel and home furnishing fabrics.

Egyptian Cotton: This type of cotton fiber is light brown in color, fine, strong and widely sold all over the world. It is used in applications where fine and strong yarns are required. Egyptian cotton is often used for manufacturing bead sheets, cushion covers etc.

Asiatic Cotton: This type of fine quality cotton is produced in countries like India, China and the Near east. The cotton is often used for apparel home furnishing and surgical supplies.

Upland Cotton: This type of cotton in widely grown in different parts of America. It is often used wholly or as a component of blend with man made fibers, for use in different industries.

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