Metallic Fibers used in many items

Published: 08th June 2007
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Metallic Fibers have made the saying 'Spinning Straw in Gold' come to pass. Though straw is never used, its place is rightly taken by other precious metals like silver. Metallic fibers are also known as Zari particularly in India. The most common process for the manufacturing of metallic fibers are the laminating process, which seals an aluminum layer in between polyester or acetate film. These fibers are then cut into lengthwise strips for yarns and wound onto bobbins. The metal can be colored and sealed in a clear film, the adhesives can be colored or the film can be colored. There are many different variations of color and effect that can be made in metallic fibers, producing a wide range of looks

The most common end use for metallic fibers is upholstery fabric and textiles such as Lamé and brocade. Lamés are most commonly made of a polyester jacket, overlain with a thin, interwoven metal, usually steel or copper, which gives them a metallic grayish look. This apparel is popularly used in fencing. Brocade is the special fabric in which colored silk is used woven with silver and gold threads. This exquisite fabric is in great demand throughout Middle East and the Asian regions. Many people also use metallic fibers in weaving and needlepoint.

More commonly today you can find Metallic Fibers in clothing, anything from party and evening wear to club clothing to everyday wear. The shiny effect that the fibers create has become a symbol of the new millennium. Metallic fibers are also used in places that you may encounter every day.

Stainless steel and other metal fibers are used in communication lines such as phone lines and cable lines. Stainless steel fibers are also used in carpets. They are dispersed throughout the carpet with other fibers so that they are not detected. The presence of the fibers helps to conduct electricity so that the static shock is reduced. These types of carpets are often used in high volume computer areas where the chance of producing static is much greater.

Other uses of Metallic fiber include work clothing such as protective suits, space suits, cut resistant gloves for butchers and other people working near bladed or dangerous machinery.

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